Using Our Services

Labor & Delivery Unit and the Birth Center Volunteer doulas are offered, free of charge, to any woman delivering her baby at the UCSD Medical Center in Hillcrest no matter which setting she is in - and regardless of what pain medications are used, the type of delivery, or whether or not there are complications. Doulas attend both medicated and unmedicated deliveries, and low-risk or high-risk deliveries including cesarean sections.

On-Call Program On-call doulas offer their services on an as-needed basis to women having their babies in the 4th Floor Birth Center, or on the 2nd Floor Labor & Delivery Unit. The healthcare staff may call for a doula on a motherís behalf at any time of the day or night.

Referral Program Sometimes it is clear in advance that a woman will especially benefit from getting to know a doula while she is pregnant and can plan to call on her as soon as her labor starts. Referral doulas are available on a more limited basis. Talk to a UCSD Medical Center midwife or physician for more information.

We are supported by the UCSD Medical Center and others who believe that every woman should have a doula available at her babyís birth. Donations are gratefully accepted to our non-profit volunteer program.

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