Why Volunteer?

  • We serve a population in need, advocating for each mother
  • We influence healthcare staff and practices
  • We get a variety of experiences in two distinct settings
  • We do it “from the heart” – and gain great satisfaction in return

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The UCSD Medical Center serves many families in San Diego who would not otherwise have access to quality heath care. And, the families we serve are not the only ones benefiting from our volunteer doula program. Because we work in a teaching hospital, a large number of nursing, midwifery, and medical students who rotate through the facility are also gaining an important awareness and understanding of the clinical and social aspects of this type of support to birthing families.

Our doulas receive significant benefits in return for their generous donation of time. It has been a stepping stone for many volunteers who are pursuing related careers in nursing, midwifery, medicine, childbirth education or private practice doula work. They receive unprecedented education, mentoring, and experience in a supportive environment while gaining a familiarity with the hospital environment and procedures. Regardless of these other benefits, those who are drawn to this work say they are interested in giving to the community, and feel great fulfillment in being part of the miracle of birth. Our doulas get back as much as they give!

Minimum Commitment

Please note: This is a long-term volunteering opportunity requiring a total of at least 100 volunteering hours, a minimum commitment of being on-call twice a month, and very long hours. For students seeking a limited number of volunteering hours for college applications or to fulfill class requirements, we recommend seeking other opportunities that are not as time-intensive.

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